About us

With a remarkable experience in the field of Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Family Law and with a success rate that many people make envious, I come and tell you that when you take the first steps towards the services of a lawyer, it is preferable to analyze his results.

Some of us are recommended by age and gray hair; I can say that in my 10-year career in this profession only my success rate recommend me and will recommend me.

From unique cases by the Romanian courts, to highly publicized and obviously to majority cases, over 90% were successfully completed.

It is true that I am one of the lawyers who, after analyzing / radiographing a case, show my clients the actual chances. Signing a legal assistance contract is in my opinion analysis, involvement, spontaneity, and not least the necessary knowledge.

In this sense, I think that you must never underestimate your adversary, but you must transform their mistakes into your advantage.